My name is Heather (of the Meier clan) and I enjoy cooking, reading, drinking wine, drinking scotch, and traveling. I am not sure where my culinary expertise came from, but I started trying my hand at cooking in college. I even had a dinner club at college AND at home in the summers.

My mom passed away in 2006, and I think this is when I really got into cooking. I loved how it brought everyone together around the kitchen table. It was a way for me to focus on something positive, as well as spend time with people who were important and supportive to me.

My stepdad recently sold our childhood home and I picked up my mom’s overstuffed recipe box to bring back with me. She wasn’t in love with cooking, but what she did, she did well. This was the beginning of the Year of the Meier Cooking challenge: to work my way through her recipe box and feel a little closer to her and the rest of my family as I go forward, now ten years later.


I live in Philly with my big fat cat, Zeus, and I am lucky enough to have my amazing family (and most of my amazing friends) close by. Enjoy this space and let me know what you think of anything you might try at home!